FELPEYU mainly aims to remake of the Asturian traditional music by following similar trends on current european folk genres. Our band makes use of a methology related to the orchestration, performance techniques and arrangements which allow use to achieve our goal. Thus, we enhance our sound by combining both the Asturian orchestration and the more general and current Atlantic European types without losing our distinctiveness.

There are various sources which provide us with our working material we usually work with: folk song books, choral scores, manuscripts harmonized from traditional songs, sound files from ethnographic research groups, folk music which is present in our everyday life, and, finally, our own original compositions based on traditional structures and rhythms.

FELPEYU's main musical audience is located is the whole Asturian society to which we direct our work and from which is derived. That is to say, we intend to be an agent in the recovery and authentication of the dignity of Asturian culture.